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Taylor-101 | Taylor’s First Dominant Black Cock

What these black cocks do to Taylor is so nasty!!

Taylor is turned over to two black men who know how to use a white cunt. She is forced to suck a huge black cock and make it hard enough to invade her cunt hole. You will see her choke and gag on his cock trying to suck it like he wants this whore to suck him! He mounts her from behind with that big, big black cock and she whimpers as he invades her cunt!

The other black cock is shoved into her mouth as this man fucks her! Poor Taylor is getting pounded from both ends as they call her nasty names! Telling her that she now belongs to them! That she is their black cock whore! They fuck her until both men dump their black seed into that hot fertile cunthole! I suck all that black seed from her cunt and we share a messy snowball and end up playing with all of that cum for a long time! Then my nasty whore decides that she is going to let it drip down the side of her face so that everyone would know that she was not only a black cock whore but a cum slut too!!!!!

Taylor's adventures with black cock have just begun!!


Taylor-102 | Trick This White Bitch Out!

What these men do to my toy is indecent, immoral and cruel!

I used Taylor to pay a debt that I owed. These black men had come to use and abuse my cunt with Master’s permission because I had made a foolish bet that was quite costly. So I offered Taylor up to these black men to be used and that they do to her.

I hand her over to them collared, restrained and hooded! She is helpless as they use her mouth and cunt! A very dominant black guy shoves her panties in her mouth to make her be quiet! She is made to suck all of their cocks. She ends up being mouth fucked so hard and deep that she ends up puking! You can see and hear the anguish in her voice as she tries to pull away. Only to have them hold her head so that they can fuck her mouth. She is forced to lick and suck their balls while they call her nasty names and laugh at her! Taylor is fucked so hard! Now that is raunchy at its best!!!! They label this whore “bitch” as her cunt is filled with cum from their cocks! The kinkiest thing that they do to my bitch is they write on her with their cum that is oozing from her cunt!

Taylor is left used and abused!


Taylor-105 | Breeding Bitch For Black Cock

Taylor at her Nastiest!!!

She has gotten pregnant 2 times now, all had ended up in miscarriages, but we knew the Whore was fertile, so we keep on breeding this submissive white cunt. You will see her gag, and choke on this huge cock and just looking at all the "strands" of saliva between her whore mouth and his cock is amazing! She gets fucked long and hard, always lewdly spreading her legs open so she could be bred with success. Witnessing her hole being stretched around his big black cock is worth seeing this video alone! And when he cums into her fertile womb...........there is a LOT of cum!! Another Very messy creampie!!!!

This Fertile Whore plays with all that semen and the amount you will see will have you pushing your “replay” button!!!


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