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Taylor-301 | I Need A Black Baby

I wanted this Black Bull to breed me as soon as I saw him!

I begged for him to mount me, and to give me his baby making seed and told him I would do anything for him, if he only used me as his white breeding whore. And he did. He has these deep lines on his tongue that sent me into heaven as he was licking me, preparing me for his seed.
And then he mounted me. He thrust into me, aggressively as he told me to tell him what he wanted. "Breed me", I cried out. "Give me your seed", I said, as he pounded deep into me. I found out that he is extremely dominant as he choked me as he rammed his cock into me. And he pulled my hair, slapped me and did many other things that I had to do in order to get his sperm......... It all ended as he emptied his sperm in my fertile womb.........and I LOVED it!! So much, you see me masturbate furiously immediately afterwards as all I could think about was me being bred. Oh, yeah.........I almost forgot........I was at my most fertile time of the month to be bred. It was that 2-3 day window of opportunity that is so fertile for me!!!!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!!!!


Taylor-303 | Buck Long’s Breeding

Taylor is very excited about her breeding session with Buck Long! He is a hot black muscular man with a huge cock!

Taylor's pussy is wet and ready to take him deep into her fertile womb.  He mounts her and he slides in deep you hear Taylor cry out "YOU gotta a BIG DICK!"  She grunts and groans as she struggles to serve her purpose of being a cum dump for that black seed!  He pounds that whore hole to the point of punishment. Buck puts Taylor on her knees for the best breeding position to dump that load of hot black baby making seed VERY deep into the fertile cunt!  He fucks her with harder and harder thrusts until he groans and dumps the contents of his balls. Taylor spreads those luscious whore thighs and shows Buck what he has done, showing him all of that hot black seed!  She even sucks her OWN tits thinking of them being filled with black baby milk!


Taylor-304 | Twice Bred Hole – Part 1

Taylor is hotter than ever!

 Dressed like the whore that she is in slutty red it matches the heat in her cunt!  Taylor plays with that hot cunt making it cum before she even gets a cock!  She is such a nasty whore! With the heat that is inside of her wanting to be bred like a dog bitch in heat she sucks his black cock like she just can’t get enough of it.  The whole time the little bitch continues to play with her hot cunt!   He takes red lipstick and marks her tits with baby milk and black only.  Marking that black cock breeding cunt! He gives her that black cock in every way possible tearing that pussy up!  As nasty Taylor creams time and again from his fucking.  She rides him like a pro.  After he dumps his load inside that hot nasty fertile hole she shows us all but then is ready for more cock. The bitch is still playing with her cunt; wanting MORE cock; so he calls his friend!

Here she goes again!


Taylor-305 | Twice Bred Hole – Part 2

This continues with Taylor wanting more cock and getting it!

 The black guy that is going to take sloppy seconds and bred her again walks in to find the hot little whore playing with herself again! She is really nothing more than a bitch in heat for black cock to fill her cunt with baby making seed.
This guy has NO mercy on her as he takes and uses her really hard.  He pounds that hole making her cry out.  Taylor is in her own little world cumming and cumming on that black cock as he took what he wanted from her white pussy. He makes Taylor ride his cock makes her work for that black dick.  She moans and get verbally nasty as she rides him harder and harder.  He flips her around and mounts her like a bitch dog and fucks that hole so hard that you can see the pain on her face as she serves her purpose.  Begging for more! Another hot load of black seed is dumped into that hole and they continue to degrade this cunt further by writing on her again. This time marking her as a black breeder!

This must have put Taylor back into heat as she started rubbing her cunt again!  She is like a black breeding machine!


Taylor-307 | Breeding Bench – Part 2

It starts right where Part one (Breeding Bench-Part One) left off.

These Black Bulls RAM their thick cocks deep inside Taylor for the sole purpose of impregnating her. Wearing that catholic schoolgirl outfit, she looks so sexy as they each take their turns mounting her. Pushing her onto the floor, they each tell her that they are the one who will make her belly swell with their black baby. They quickly add their HUGE loads of sperm inside her, and you will see the thickest, amounts of sperm emptied inside her, as she obscenely opens her legs and cunthole so you can see all of it in her. One after another they shoot their baby making sperm in Taylor as she grunts and groans, wanting each load to reach her fertile womb. The nastiest parts is seeing another black cock replacing another and seeing it coated with the previous Bulls sperm, pushing it out and completely coating his cock. We have never seen creampies like these........ever! "Messy" and "thick" doesn’t begin to describe the amount of sperm dumped inside her.

Countless loads of semen being deposited inside her, and she only craves more to ensure she is impregnated.


Taylor-308 | Breeding Bench Bitch

Taylor does it again!

She is using her breeding bench to take 3 Black Men who will use her as they’re cum dump and deposit their sperm deep in her fertile belly. One after another, they take turns using her pussy to shoot their sperm. They even tag team her, and hold her down as each takes a hole while she just lets them do what they will. One even fucks her so hard that she "squirts" all over him, the pillow and all over herself!! When one is finished using her, and is satisfied, another steps up and takes her. What you hear from her will surely make you cum again and again, as she cries out to be impregnated. That’s she wants and NEEDS another black baby!

The Breeding Bench series is highly requested so don’t miss out on this new one!!!!!


Taylor-309 | Red Heels

Mmmmmmmmmmm, extremely high spiked, red stiletto heels!

And Taylor wears them the entire time as she is being used. She gets not one, but three Black Men who use her for what she does. They love her look in those heels as they each take a turn and you can see each of them look often at her heels and get even more excited. They fuck her without mercy until they each cum inside her, and what I love is the other mans sperm being pushed back out as another Black Bull mounts her. What a mess! Others want to cum again, and tell her to hold her big titties together as they look at her and her red heels and begin to shoot their seed all over her pretty face and tits! Then they instruct her to lick and lap up all their sperm!! And you get to see her suck on her own nipples and tits! I love that!

Taylor was made for heels like these and her long, shapely legs look amazing in them!


Taylor-310 | Submissive White Whores – Part 1

Taylor and Gabrielle are back at it!

Everyone has been asking when they were going to be used together, and it finally happened! Gabrielle starts off playing with her cunt as everyone looks on and strokes their cocks. Just seeing her in her 6 inch red stilettos are enough to make you she looks so slutty. The perfect married whore. Then Taylor walks in, dressed in all black and holds a dildo in her hand and starts to use it on Gabrielle. After shoving it deep inside Gab, Taylor starts to lick and suck on her pussy and you see great close-ups of her tongue going so deep inside this wife. Several black bulls that were watching all of this, joined in, and they take total control. They surround the both of them, and make them do nasty acts as they begin to use all of their holes again and again........

This is the first part that you just have to see to set up all the nastiness of the second half!!


Taylor-311 | Submissive White Whores – Part 2

Part two picks up, exactly where one left submission to this group of black bulls.

They shove their black cocks in each of their holes, as they trade off from one Whore to another. Watching Gabrielle and Taylor service these black bulls and then each other, is incredibly nasty. Twisting and intertwining, as they hold open their legs and spread open their holes so any of the Bulls could simply shove their cocks deep inside them....... What makes this tape so good is that each time a bull grunts and dumps his seed into one of their cunts, they make the other get between her legs and lick and slurp all of their sperm out and then do "snowballs". It gets so damn wild, that one of the guy’s cums deep inside one of these whores, and HE cleans her cum filled hole himself, only to do a "snowball" himself!

And it continues to get even wilder as these Sluts get used as they submit to "the Blackman".


Taylor-312 | Black Breeder

Taylor gets bred. And she never looked sexier..........

Dressed in slutty black patent leather stilettos and sheer seamed stockings. She starts off masturbating, thinking of being impregnated by this Black Bull. He looks on as she reaches several orgasms before he begins to lick her dripping wet cunt. She then takes his cock in her warm mouth and begins to quickly choke as he pumps faster and faster. Not wanting to wait any longer, he puts her on her back and shoves his cock in hard. Hearing her groan and cry out to be bred, you see him begin to thrust faster and faster.
He puts her on top of him as she rides his black cock, wanting so badly to feel him shoot his seed in her fertile womb. Soon, he wants to cum, so he puts her on her back once again and thrusts into her until he shoots deep inside her swollen pussy.

He then makes her play with her stretched out, cum filled hole, by making her masturbate again, and watches as she pushes her fingers inside her and gets them coated with his seed.


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